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Organization and Administration

  1. Committee Term - The committee shall be in effect indefinitely until disbanded by the Select Board

  2. Membership - The Committee shall consist of seven members who shall serve without compensation and shall be appointed by the municipal officers. The Select Board will consider the following recommended representation in making appointments, whenever possible, with the understanding that this representation is not a requirement:

  1. One member of the Select Board

  2. One Readfield businessperson

  3. One CPA or finance specialist

  4. One attorney of legal professional

  5. One at large Readfield Resident

  6. Two non-voting ex officio members in the Town Manager and Finance Officer

  1. Appointment - The Committee shall be appointed by the Board of Selectmen in consideration of the Procedures for Application and Appointment. Appointments may be terminated without cause by a majority vote of the Board of Selectmen.

  2. Member Term - Members shall serve for terms of three years. Terms shall be initially staggered as follows:

    1. One - one-year term

    2. Two - two-year terms

    3. Two - three-year terms