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  • July 2016 Community Letter:The Readfield Select Board recently approved the establishment of an Ad Hoc committee consisting of 5 members, referred to as the Age Friendly Committee. The committee is charged with creating an inventory of desirable resources and services. This group was awarded a grant of $6,000 from AARP to survey the needs and aspirations of the aging population of Readfield. With these funds, residents will be surveyed to determine the priorities of our community.  Based on these results, an action plan with recommendations will be presented to the Select Board.

  • We look forward to living in a community that is supportive of our town’s aging population.

  • For more information, please contact any committee member as follows: Ann Mitchell (685-4621), John Moran (685-0050), Marianne Perry (685-3531) or Romaine Turyn by e-mail and also Select Person Bruce Bourgoine at (685-3702).


  • Consider forming an Age Friendly Community Adhoc Committee 

Motion made by Mr. Bourgoine that the Readfield Select Board shall appoint an Adhoc committee for exploring age friendly opportunities for our community consisting of up to five individuals for one year. The committee is charged with creating an inventory of possible desirable resources and services, identifying best methods to communicate the preceding to older citizens in our community, recommending future courses of action they deem desirable, and pursuing in conjunction with the town manager any grant offerings that may be available for assessment and/or implementation of age friendly resources upon approval of the Select Board. Second by Mrs. Sammons. Discussion: There are a couple individuals in mind to be on the committee and hopes to have a couple senior citizens as well. Vote 5 to 0 in favor.


Appointed Members:


06/30/2020 Chair, Romaine Turyn: Phone: 685-4516  E-Mail:

06/30/2020 Marianne Perry: Phone: 685-3531 E-Mail: 

02/08/2019 John Moran: Phone: 685-0050  E-Mail: NONE

06/30/2019 Ann Mitchell:  Phone: 685-4621  E-Mail:

06/30/2018 Margjorie Ellis:  Phone: 685-4724  E-Mail: